Collaboratory is a concept developed by Jasmine Isdrake based on many years of research in game culture, indie and art house film/game work, DIY, hacker and maker culture, innovation processes, creative commons, incubator and accelerator models, and social innovation, CSR/ASR. Collaboratory is a global design collective and was also a local space and living lab in Gothenburg. In short, Collaboratory is a game innovation lab including a makerspace, where social issues are adressed as part of a belief that all organisations should give some effort to make the world a better place. 

A digital platform for the global design collective will be built here
Collaborators, specially programmers and graphic designers are needed, get in touch if you would like to build this. In the mean time you can connect with the community here
and follow our events here


Mind map over the components of Collaboratory.

collaboratory_model_paleDesign by Jasmine Isdrake, illustration by Samantha Hookway.

In Gothenburg the social innovation based business model was depending on governmental support, unfortunately the city and the region did not value all the work the community did for the city, all applications were turned down, so we had to close down our space Sept 1st 2015. The space, and the game brand Collaboratory built for Lindholmen, was taken over by a commercial Science park initiative unwilling to collaborate; a game incubator with 30 million in support from the Western region. The space website with information about the structure, mission statement etc, as well as the events, game jams and pop up makerspaces the community is involved in is available here


collaboratory_gu image collab1 collab


Survey for visitors/users/partners of Collaboratory in Gothenburg 


If you ever visited or was a partner/user of the first Collaboratory prototype (in Gothenburg) your voice is very important for the guide, please take this survey to share your experiences

If you wish to see the questions before taking the survey please check this pdf instead of just clicking through the survey SurveyMonkey_76501349

Survey for managers/founders (CLOSED)

Are you managing a makerspace, game lab, innovation lab or similar creative space? 
Please share your experience through this survey. Diverse perspectives are important for the book
and can have great impact on future management, design and funding structures.

If you wish to see the questions before taking the survey please check this pdf instead of just clicking through the survey SurveyMonkey_76786210

Playbook – a guide for designing creative spaces

With the financial support of Vinnova’s new maker fund I am writing a guide about creative spaces, maker culture and innovation. Release will be 2017. If you have any questions or thoughts about this project feel free to contact me.

Centers for open culture

Today maker culture is a big subject in many parts of the world. In Sweden more and more initiatives are popping up and a national community was created by Stockholm Makerspace in 2015. Check out Makers of Sweden

Representatives from makerspaces and other maker initiatives from all of Sweden gathering in Stockholm.

Another awesome initiative created in Stockholm, Makertjej (Maker girl).

Makertjej at the Gothenburg Science Festival.