Nordic landscape photo collection, shot in Iceland in 2021, available for purchase at

Included in body data space, the London based collective of pioneers in digital arts.
Cyborg ART, Bio Art, psychogeography

Skin modifications and cyborg features including NFC implants and a magnet, used for non-verbal communication interfaces and research in accessibility (specially autism), for composing music, video and games, and innovation in future tech, power shifts and diversity.
Psychogeography, architectural systems and transforming body movement, navigation and my sense of the ground by jumprunning in kangoo jump shoes for several years, also creating patterns unknown to automated cars and surveillance tech, similar to my face brandings and tattoos, and mask series that are unreadable for facial recognition software. I also direct stage shows and labs/hackathons where those innovations are used live. Videos available here.

Drone mapping during a residency with the Finnish BioArt Society, and Microneurography recordings for my audio works.

sculpture & graphics


I am mainly a film director but I also have experience and education in script writing, story architecture for transmedia, producing, costume design, set design, photography, stunts, location scouting, casting, scientific consultation, marketing and community management, as well as R&D, design and consulting for immersive media and new technologies. My work spans from art house and experimental, to music videos, projection mapping, interactive documentaries and installations, and TV including LARP and live features intertwining with broadcasting. It is also influenced by my work in the game industry, and I have a focus on new and diverse narratives. I am the first director to implant a video link in my own body, and I have made soundtracks through biodata like heart beats and nerve signals. The last 7 years I have also been lecturing at universities and speaking at conferences, mainly about design fiction, transmedia and game design and digital culture. I have a Master degree in film curation and a couple of awards, all listed at
I have several projects in the pipeline and look for producers and funding, email for collaborations.

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2 art house games available at
Axion is available for exhibitions, not yet released for personal use, github

I am mainly a creative director and experience designer of games but I also have experience in research, production, transmedia, ux, diversity & inclusion, esports events, game jams and hackathons, and teaching advanced game design. I am the founder of the game innovation lab Collaboratory, and was also on the team that built EAs R&D lab Seed working with VR, AI and more for EA/DICE games (Battlefield, Star Wars etc). I also founded Swedens first game art gallery, Epic Unidragon, and the Electrodome festival for electronic arts, served on jurys and advisory boards, and curated several game exhibitions, events and diversity initiatives.


I work with artistic performance, avatars, fictional and semi-real situations and characters, cosplay, circus (mainly fire performance), dance, stunts, LARP/Augmented reality. I also direct and perform large stage shows, and sometimes model for other artists projects.


Other animals